V. International Furioso Festival

V. International Furioso Festival


April 24-25-26. 2009

( Partner program of the XVI. Animal Husbandry Days and Fair and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of the Hungarian Furioso North Star Breeders )


1., Aim of the Festival

– To provide opportunity for Central European horse-breeders to meet and to talk about the future, the benefits and market value of the type.

– To discuss the aims and ways of breeding and the possibilities of establishing a common, standardized international breed registry for the type furioso-north star, bred in Mezőhegyes , Hungary

– To establish a standard assessment of external features, type and movement based on the external judgement

– To demonstrate the versatility of the type in saddle, coach-driving, dressage and in show-jumping races.

2., Participants of the Festival

The program of the V. Intermational Furioso Festival/Parade is open to the representatives of each country that breeds the type furioso-north star.

3., Estimated number of animals (according to country)


Hungary: 25 – 35

Austria: 2 – 4

Germany: 2 – 4

Czech Republic: 4 – 6

Slovakia: 10 – 12

Poland : 4 – 6

Ukraine: 2 – 4

Romania: 10- 12

The organiser provides free accommodation in boxes, feed and bred of straw for the horses

4., Number of representatives per delegation

1 person per horse and maximum 4 people officially accompanying for them whom the organizers provide accommodation and meals free of charge.

5., Rules of participation

– Preliminary registration deadline: 10. March 2009

– Final registration deadline along with the horse pedigrees including at least 3 primary line pedigree, and the delegation member list ( name, post, sex ): 05. April 2009.

– The animals are to enter the venue only after presenting the valid horse passport, and the animal health certificate that meets the requirements enclosed.


6., Evaluation of horses


– Each country presenting at least 3 horses may delegate one referee into the jury. Referees are forbidden to delegate their own horses for evaluation.

– The evaluation will take place one by one for each category, in catalogue number order.

– The external features are to be evaluated first standing, and in gaits of walk and trot.

– The audience will be shown the scores for external features.

Features and movement are evaluated on a 5 point scale from 1,0 to 5,0 with decimal points.

The scores are added up by the jury.

– The top 3 scoring horses from each category will qualify for the final evaluation after which the order of the first three will be decided on by the votes of the referees.


7., Categories to be judged


1., sucking foals

2., 3- year- old mares

3., 4 –year- old mares

4., 5 –year- old mares

5., 6 –year- old mares

6., 7 –year- old mares

7., 8-9- year- old mares

8., 10 -year and older mares

9., Young stallions

10., Older stallions


Just 5 or fewer than 5 horses entering one category are not possible to be evaluated as a separate category. In such case the entered horses may join the neighbouring categories.


The Junior Champion is elected from the winners of the categories 2,3.

The Intermediate Champion is elected from the winners of the categories 4,5,6.

The Senior Champion is elected from the winners of the categories 7,8.

The Grand Champion is elected finally from the winners of the 3 age-groups.


The Stallion Champion is elected from the winners of the categories 9, 10.

8., Planned Programme

23. April ( Thursday)

  • Arriving, registration, accommodation till 6 p.m.

24. April ( Friday)

  • 9.00 The Opening Ceremony of the Animal Husbandry Days and Fairs

( Guest Exhibitor – Ukraine)

  • The participants of the International Furioso Festival come into the show arena on horses, on coaches with their national flags in their official clothes or folk costumes.

The exhibition is opened by Mr. József Gráf, the Agricultural Minister of Hungary and by the Agricultural Minister of Ukraine

  • 11.00 Technical meeting

  • 13.30 Evaluation of breeding animals

25. April ( Saturday)

  • 10.00 Awarding Ceremony of the Animal Husbandry Days

  • 14.00 Official Opening Ceremony of the V. International Furioso Festival

The leaders of the delegations making their speech

  • 14.30 The 20th Ceremony of the Association of the Hungarian Furioso North Star Breeders

  • 15.00 Electing the winner of the age-groups and choosing the Grand Champion and Official Awarding Ceremony of the Furioso Festival

  • 15.30 Parade of Stallions, horse show

  • 17.00 Mini-max show jumping race

26. April ( Sunday)

  • 9.00 Showing the placed horses – leading up to the show arena

  • 9.00 County Coach-driving race in Category CAN-C with separated evaluation for “Type of Mezőhegyes”

  • 14.00 “Type of Mezőhegyes “ Show-jumping horse race at 100-110 cm

  • 15.30 County Coach-driving race in Category CAN-C with separated evaluation for “Type of Mezőhegyes”

  • 18.00 Closing the exhibition, transportation of the animals

Hódmezővásárhely, February 13. 2009.

Balázs Fekete, Director of the Exhibition

Tamás Dózsa, Managing director Association of the Furioso-North Star Horse Breeders